Friday, June 12, 2009

A High Chair Tray!

We chose this high chair for Benjamin because we liked that it was wooden, cute, and small. However, it doesn't have a tray that goes with it, since it's meant to be put at a table. Unfortunately, it is slightly too high to go under our table top, so I can't get it close enough to the table for Benjamin to reach. I was able to find this small tray that was the perfect size for me to velcro it to the chair. It works great!

Baby Sling Pattern

I'm taking Benjamin with me on a trip next week, and someone mentioned to me that a baby sling might come in handy for the times I need (or want!) to carry him rather than using the stroller. I thought that was a good idea, but I didn't want to buy one, since I didn't know if I would like using it. I found a couple of patterns online and was able to make one from some fabric that I had. From practicing with it, I think it might come in handy, but I'll have to post later on how I liked it after using it for a while!

Just thought I would link to the instructions. These instructions are really simple, and had good pictures to go along with them, as well as helpful instructions on how to use it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cloth Baskets!

Benjamin's toy basket was overflowing...I decided that rather than going to the store and buying more baskets to store the toys, I would make some cloth ones!

I was able to find some fabric in my stash that would work, and I made two cloth baskets that I put in different places so I don't have to take toys around the house with me when I'm working and bring Benjamin with me to play.

I like how they turned out, and one thing I like about the cloth baskets is that during the times I don't need them, I can just fold them up and put them away! I don't have to store a big basket that I'm not using but don't want to get rid of!