Monday, October 29, 2012

Tote Bags at Simple Threads!

A new post is up at Simple Threads featuring the Tote Bags I have for sale!  Check it out!

Pumpkin Day!

Saturday was pumpkin-cooking day!  The kids "helped" me with scraping out the seeds.  Ezra was actually the most helpful - he ended up with several seeds in his bowl!

We cooked up three big pumpkins.  I never buy the pie pumpkins - the regular ones taste just fine to me, and they're less expensive.  I don't bother pureeing the pumpkin, either.  I just scrape it out of the skin and use or freeze as is.  It's usually soft enough that it works just fine, although if there is a chunk I might mash it a bit.  I'm all for keeping things as simple as possible!

We ended up with lots of pumpkin, plenty to last us the year!  I have to get more bags, though, before I can finish freezing it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Simple Threads, my new sewing business!

Sewing is one of my passions, and I have long considered selling some of the things I make.  After participating in a small church bazaar a year ago, that desire grew, and finally this spring I took the first step and obtained a business license.  Over the summer I built up a stash of items that I wanted to sell, and this weekend, I am participating in my first real business event, The Christmas at North Creek Bazaar!  I am really excited, not only because I am selling some of my favorite things, but also because this is a really fun bazaar, one I have enjoyed attending several times in the past.

For now, bazaars will probably be my main method of selling, since it fits in with my life well.  However, I am also planning on selling a little bit through Etsy, and I am also willing to take special orders.  For more information on my business, the things I sell, special orders, and the bazaar this weekend, please visit my new business blog,!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall is Here!

October is flying by!  After a glorious several months of beautiful summer weather, the rain and cool days have returned.  The days are finding us wearing warm socks, enjoying yummy soups and gathering up the few last things from our garden.

I've been spending most of my extra time this month preparing for an exciting event coming up next week, and I'm almost done!  I'll share more on that soon!

Meanwhile, a few pictures on what else has been going on around our house:

My favorite thing about rotating toys and books (besides having less stuff out at a time) is that when we do switch things up, everything seems new.  Sometimes when I have a particularly busy day planned, I'll rotate a few things because "new" toys keep them occupied for quite some time!

Cool fall mornings are perfect for cuddling in bed!

A recent art project - Leaf Pounding!

An awesome sale on pineapple led us to purchase 20 of them!  We've been eating it fresh almost everyday - yum!  I'm also freezing lots of it so we can enjoy it all winter!

In case you weren't aware, my house is full of animals.  The funny thing is, the animals change all the time; one moment I have lions, and the next thing I know they've turned into orangutans.  It's amazing!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Off to the Pumpkin Farm!

A favorite fall tradition - bringing home fresh pumpkins from the farm!

I have pictures of me as a child in this chair; in fact, I think I have one of me holding my sister just as Benjamin holds Ezra!  I'll have to go look for that!

Welcome, Fall!  We're glad you're here!