Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Day!

Saturday was pumpkin-cooking day!  The kids "helped" me with scraping out the seeds.  Ezra was actually the most helpful - he ended up with several seeds in his bowl!

We cooked up three big pumpkins.  I never buy the pie pumpkins - the regular ones taste just fine to me, and they're less expensive.  I don't bother pureeing the pumpkin, either.  I just scrape it out of the skin and use or freeze as is.  It's usually soft enough that it works just fine, although if there is a chunk I might mash it a bit.  I'm all for keeping things as simple as possible!

We ended up with lots of pumpkin, plenty to last us the year!  I have to get more bags, though, before I can finish freezing it!

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