Sunday, February 9, 2014

In other news...

Life moves on, with or without a shower, and this little man turned six months yesterday!

He is such a joy - he is just the happiest baby, and so sweet!  He recently discovered how much fun a tongue can be!  =) Everyone just adores him, and he loves them, too!  He loves his toys, but he can't wait to be a bit more active - he gets bored easily these days.

Seth saved all of his Legos, and we now have lots of them at our house.  As much as I love Legos, I can only handle having a limited amount available on a regular basis (at least until the kids are better at cleaning up!), but occasionally Seth will have a "Lego Day" with the kids and they make a royal mess and have a grand time!

 We had another snow day and Toby enjoyed his first sled ride!


After almost three months, we finally have a shower again!  I can't even say how happy that makes us! Seth and his dad have been working hard, putting in long days, and they finally were able to get the shower going last night!  Yay!  I'd say we were almost done with the bathroom, but I know better than that now!  We still have a fair amount of work to do, but it seems a lot more manageable now, with a working toilet and shower.  No more hair washing in the sink, no more filling and emptying gallons of water to flush the toilet; thank goodness!  I had no idea going in to this what a big deal it (and every little detail) would be!  We've been "almost there" with the shower for a month, and every little thing just takes so much longer than it seems like it should.  Nothing seems to work the way it is supposed to; everything needs adjusting to work right, and if I had a dollar for every trip to the hardware store... =)  It will be worth it in the end, though, it's starting to look so cute!  I love the gray, especially with the white fixtures!  The bathroom has kind of been our life for the past few months, but hopefully having these major things done will help things start to feel a little more normal now!

Finished with the wallboard...

Fresh paint...looking more like a real room!

Flooring!  And a real toilet again!

How it looks right now - the sink isn't hooked
up all the way, but everything else works!  And
I've been able to move some things back in - out
of our bedroom!