Sunday, February 9, 2014

In other news...

Life moves on, with or without a shower, and this little man turned six months yesterday!

He is such a joy - he is just the happiest baby, and so sweet!  He recently discovered how much fun a tongue can be!  =) Everyone just adores him, and he loves them, too!  He loves his toys, but he can't wait to be a bit more active - he gets bored easily these days.

Seth saved all of his Legos, and we now have lots of them at our house.  As much as I love Legos, I can only handle having a limited amount available on a regular basis (at least until the kids are better at cleaning up!), but occasionally Seth will have a "Lego Day" with the kids and they make a royal mess and have a grand time!

 We had another snow day and Toby enjoyed his first sled ride!


Jana said...

Your littlest guy is so sweet! What a smile! Congrats on getting a mostly functional bathroom! I have a great appreciation for running water. :) I've been very lax on blogging lately, but I love seeing your updates!

Annaleah said...

Yes, we have a much greater appreciation, too! =) Not just because we haven't had it, but also because now we know just how much goes into having running water! =)