Friday, June 6, 2008

An Unexpected Blessing

It's amazing how much of a blessing things can be, even if they may seem to some to be small things. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at church, when a lady there asked if I had a minute to look at something, to which I said yes. She brought in a piece of fabric from her car and was telling me how she had found it at the store with the thought that she would use it to make a dress. She asked if I liked it, and when I said I did, she gave it to me, saying that she thought it might work for me to wear during my pregnancy. I was so surprised and blessed by her kindness, especially since I had just been thinking earlier in the day that I might need to go out and look for some more clothes that I would be able to wear. It's so fun to see the ways God can use people to be a blessing!

The dress was super easy to make, since it was the kind of fabric that you can buy that is gathered along the top, for the bodice part, and finished on both edges, so that all you have to do is sew a seam up the back, add straps, and you have a dress. I had made a dress like this before, so I knew what to do. This time it took me a little longer, though, since I chose to make my own straps, rather than just use ribbon like I did last time.

I will certainly be able to put this to good use! =)

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