Sunday, February 1, 2009

On to the cloth adventure...

Having run out of my gift supply of disposables a couple of weeks ago, I've started using cloth diapers now. It's amazing how our trash output has slowed! I decided to use cloth wipes as well. I took some fabric I already had, cut it into squares, and serged around the edges. It only took me a couple of hours to make 50 wipes, so I have a good supply. I saved a wipes container, which I put my cloth wipes in, along with a bottle that has slightly soapy water in it. This way, I can just squirt some water onto the wipe, and I'm good to go! So far I've been happy with cloth diapering!


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out well for you...I love your idea about keeping the wipes and bottle of soapy water in an old wipes box.

I tried using terry nappies when my children were babies, but they had such terrible eczema rashes that I went back to using disposables. It's horrible to think that those disposables are still lying in some landfill site somewhere, even after over 16 years. I read somewhere they take decades to decompose.

Good for you to be environmentally friendly! :)

A Wonderful Life! said...

Im due in OCtober and plan on cloth diapers myself. Where did ytou get them I have been looking all over to price them out?