Monday, December 21, 2009


What do you do with three work shirts that can no longer be worn because of a company change?

One of them Seth really liked as a shirt, so with a seam ripper and about an hour of time, I was able to remove the embroidered logo, and now he has a shirt that he wears all the time!

As for the other two, I didn't really want to give them to a thrift store because of the company logo, but I didn't really feel good about just throwing them away, either. Then I had some inspiration!

The shirts went from this..... this!!

I had been planning on making a tote bag for Benjamin, since I know there will be times when he will need things separate from the baby's things in the diaper bag. I had to piece things a bit to get it the size I wanted it, but I was happy with how it turned out! I added pockets to the inside to hold little things and sippy cups or snacks.

This is going to go in his stocking...although I know I'm more excited about it than he will be! =)

It feels so good to not only get something you need without having to spend any money, but also to be able to reuse something and not be wasteful!

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