Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabric Bowl Covers

Several months ago I decided not to buy any more aluminum foil or plastic wrap. I didn't use them very often anyway, since I try to use reusable containers, and I figured that would be one less thing to buy. Sometimes, though, it is nice to be able to leave leftovers in the bowl they're in, and not have to transfer them to another container.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a picture of some fabric bowl covers that someone had made, and I was really excited! That would be perfect for the times I just wanted to stick a bowl of something in the fridge.

They looked really simple, so I made a couple...

They were super easy and quick to make, and they are really handy! I've already used them a few times, and it is the perfect solution for me! Obviously, they aren't airtight, since they're made of fabric, but then, neither is foil or plastic wrap, really. When they're dirty, just toss them in the wash - no garbage!

I'm planning on making a couple more, so I'll take pictures and post a tutorial when I do.

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