Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why is it so hard to live simply?

I realized again the other day (as I have many times over the past several months) just how attatched I am to my stuff - even the stuff I really don't care about. My example: I have a collection of plastic storage containers that I've been wanting to replace with glass for a while. I received glass containers for my birthday, so after I got them all washed up, I started pulling all the plastic ones out of the cupboard to put them in a bag for donating. As I was doing so, I stopped and started thinking, "Maybe I should keep a few of these, just in case I need them." After pondering this for a few minutes, I realized what I was doing and could only shake my head in disgust. "This is crazy! I don't need these; I don't even want these!"
We have so much stuff, much more than we need, and yet it is so hard to let go of our stuff, even when we really want to. This was a reminder to me as I seek to simplify our life. I do like my stuff, and I appreciate the many things that I have that I use and that makes my life fun and beautiful. But I can't allow myself to get so attatched to things that they control my life.
Just a thought from my week! =)

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