Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bread in a Bread Bag

I recently started making this bread for sandwiches. I have a hard time eating 100% whole wheat bread, which is often so dense, but since this is half whole wheat, I feel that is a good compromise. And it is delicious! I recently made this bread bag, as well. I have been trying to stay away from plastic in my kitchen, so making one of these has been on my to-do list for a while. I am pleased with how well it has been working. Mostly I've used it with this bread, which stays soft and fresh for about 2 days in there. By the third day (which is usually when we finish it), it has started getting slightly hard, but it still works great for toast or eggs-in-a-frame. I made a simple two-layer drawstring bag, with both layers being a tightly woven cotton.


vivian said...

Hi AnnaLeah, I am a friend of your mama's, and I so enjoy your sharing too. How very talented and thrifty you are. I get encouragement from your sharings. Maybe you could give a bit more of detailed how to on the bread bag. I like that idea. The quilt is wonderful.

In Joy,

Anonymous said...

When the bread starts getting older, you can also make croutons from it.

Hazelnut said...

Hi AnnaLeah,
The bread bag is a great idea! Practical and pretty. Our bread just gets stored on the counter top (wrapped, of course)- not very tidy or attractive... I don't have a bread bin, as I find these tend to make the bread go mouldy more quickly. Maybe we just have a mouldy climate here!!
Anyway, will definitely be borrowing the idea! Thankyou.
H x