Monday, August 5, 2013


Never in these past nine months did I think this baby would be late.  I was sure we'd have a July baby on our hands.  But last Friday's due date came and went and here we are, still waiting.  Probably just as well, really, as we've had a yucky virus moving through for the past week (I've been spared so far, thankfully), but I think the end of that is in sight.  

Everything's ready: bags are packed, baby clothes are washed, freezers are full of food, the few baby "equipment" things we have are tucked into their little spots.  I've been spending my days trying to keep the house in some semblence of order, the laundry caught up, and everyone fed and happy so we're ready for "the moment".  And I'm trying to enjoy a few more moments with "just three kids" before this fourth comes.  Soon, I keep telling myself...soon.  =)


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