Saturday, June 28, 2014

On the Urban Homestead

Everything's growing around here!

The chickens are huge!  I'm guessing they're probably full-grown by now, although they won't be laying eggs for a couple more months.  Finishing up their run is on the list for the next couple of weeks; hopefully that will happen!

The garden is growing and we've started harvesting rhubarb, peas and lettuce.

Our blueberry bushes are doing well, and there are a fair amount of blueberries on the plants this year.  We can't wait until they're ripe!

And new this year - raspberries!  I found some inexpensive bushes at a plant sale, so I got them and then had to come home and find a place for them.  Then I received another bush for a gift, so we have a nice row now.  The plants have already grown bigger, and we'll even get a few berries this year!

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Jana said...

Fun to see the progress! Thanks for sharing! Blueberries and raspberries from the backyard...quite a luxury!