Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mr. Two-Year-Old

We have a two-year-old in our house again; we celebrated Toby's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Because he LOVES animals, we decided to take him to the zoo for his birthday, which was great fun. We didn't get to see nearly everything we wanted to, so we're already looking forward to going back! We got passes, and we'll try to go a bunch over the next year, since that totally counts as school in my book!  =)

We kept the rest of his birthday simple with a few little gifts, including training pants, because, yes, potty training time is coming soon!  Toby still doesn't talk much, just a couple of words here and there, but, of course, he still has no trouble communicating his wants, and he most definitely knows his own mind!  =)  Watching movies is pretty much his favorite thing, but he also likes playing outside, and just now at the end of summer has started liking to go in the pool and other water.  He loves books as well, especially ones with something to "find"!  For the most part, he's now dropped his daily nap, much to my chagrin, but so far he's doing great with rest time!   Toby is such a sweet, happy boy, and we are so thankful for him!  =)

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