Saturday, February 6, 2016

Simon's First Birthday

Simon's one today!  He is such a joy and delight to us!  He is by far our busiest baby, which while entertaining, is a challenge, too.  He loves to get into the kitchen cupboards, which I'm trying to discourage!  He has an adorable uneven smile, with two teeth on the bottom, and just one on the top.  He loves to dance to music, and can crawl quite quickly, particularly when he's trying to get into something he's not supposed to have!  :) He's not walking yet, but has just started standing on his own, so it's coming!  He loves his big siblings, and when he's up before them in the morning, he will crawl to the bedroom, looking for them.  He is my heaviest baby, and he loves to eat!  He will eat pretty much anything, and plenty of it!  We love him so much!  Happy birthday Simon Henry!


PUPPPsMom said...

He looks like one happy, thriving little boy! Happy Birthday, Simon!

Annaleah said...

He is! Thanks! :)