Friday, August 26, 2016

Things I am Loving Right Now

The end of summer is coming!  We really haven't done much this summer (besides have a baby!), which I was expecting, but it has been a busy, full summer anyway.  We're trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer, while also planning for fall and a new homeschooling year.  To bring some cohesiveness to all the random thoughts rolling around in my brain, I thought I'd share a few things that I've been loving lately!

1. Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  10 years sounds so long!!!  I really don't feel old enough to have been married for so long, and of course I feel both like it has flown by, and like I've been married forever!  Mostly, though I feel so blessed to spent the last 10 years married to such an awesome guy!

2. A sweet two-month old.  This little guy isn't always the happiest of babies; in fact he often reminds me of Ezra, who was quite fussy.  But I think he's getting better, and he makes up for his not always sleeping much during the day by sleeping awesome at night, which is great.  And, he is starting to smile more, which is always so fun, and the rest of the kids just love him so much, which makes me so happy!!!

3. Our new playset.  If I had known just how awesome this would be, I would have tried to get one a long time ago.  Even though we haven't quite finished up the last couple of things on it (per our norm), the kids have been having so much fun with it, and they have spent way more time outside than they used to, which I love.

4. A bit more space in our home.  We are always trying to clear out excess clutter, and we recently got rid of a couple pieces of furniture, which has given us a bit of "blank space" and a little more room to breathe.

5. Target's new clothing line for kids.  I've found that the older my kids get, the harder they are on clothes.  Benjamin, especially, is really hard on pants, and has been known to wear holes in the knees mere weeks after I purchased them.  Target now guarantees their brand of clothes to last for a year, or you can bring them back, and I am totally taking them up on that!

6. Having a half-dozen kids.  I am so blessed to have all these little people in my life!  I never expected to have a house filled with so many boys, but I love it more than I ever would have imagined! :)

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