Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy Days

I can't say how many times I wish the days would just slow down a little bit. I feel like I'm constantly going. We've had lots going on lately, and the next month and a half will probably continue to be quite busy. I've been more tired than usual as well, so I've been behind on everything around the house. This week I've been really trying hard to get things caught up, and work on projects like making a dress for my brother's wedding on Sunday. I probably shouldn't have waited to make it until a few days before the wedding, but that's just the way it turned out. It should help that Seth is working nights this week instead of mornings. As much as I prefer having him home in the evenings, I don't get quite as much done when he's home.

I'm also looking forward to the promised sunshine we are supposed to be having around here the next few days. I'll admit I'm a little skeptical that it will be as nice as they say, but I really hope they're right. I feel like we've had a year-long winter, it has been so cold and dreary around here all spring. It would be so nice to have some sun and warmth!

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