Thursday, May 29, 2008

The learning of frugality...

My husband isn't exactly what I would call a "frugal" person. In some ways, he's really careful with his money, but he's never really been one to look for deals. Ever since marrying me, however, he's been a little more exposed to the frugal life. I try hard to keep a careful budget, and I love finding things as inexpensively as possible. And, I also love to share my good deals with him. Consequently, he's started to be a little more conscientious of bargains. There have been several times now where he has happily shared with me about a good deal he found. Just the other day I came home from work and he was excited to tell me about two cheesecakes he had picked up that were marked down half price because the store was no longer going to be carrying them. We are enjoying one of them and are keeping the other in the freezer for a time when we have company and need a quick dessert! Nice work, honey! =)

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Anonymous said...

Good job Seth!