Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daily Schedule

In an attempt to better organize myself and accomplish everything I need to during the day, I came up with a daily schedule for myself. Now I've never been one to stick to a strict schedule - like, at 9:30 I brush my teeth, at 9:35 I take a shower, that sort of thing, so this isn't anything like that. Rather, it's an outline for my day, a rough schedule that is flexible, but helps give me a general rhythm for each day. I've been doing this for a week or so and it has really been working for me.

6:30 – Wake up
7:30 – Feed Benjamin
Laundry started
Shower, dress
10:00 – Feed Benjamin
Errands (or projects)
12:30 – Feed Benjamin
Cleaning (dishes, daily jobs)
3:00 – Feed Benjamin
Cleaning (weekly cleaning jobs)
Start Dinner
5:30 – Feed Benjamin
8:00 – Feed Benjamin
Family time
10:30 – Feed Benjamin

I don't have Benjamin on a strict schedule, so feeding times can vary (although they're generally around there somewhere), but like I said, the general rhythm of each day stays the same, which is really helpful to me.

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