Saturday, January 24, 2009


With a one-bedroom apartment, an already full dresser and no room for another, we had to get a little creative with how we store Benjamin's things.

Can I just say I love Ikea?

We got two basket-drawer organizers, which fit perfectly on either side of the bookshelf. I took advantage of my love of baskets and got a few to hang on the wall, as well as one for the floor to hold blankets.

My mother-in-law came up with the great idea to drill a hole in his bathtub and put a string through it so it could hang. It works perfectly!

I am hoping to eventually store things under his crib, but the sides are so low that it's difficult to find boxes that will fit, but I'm on the lookout!

We could fit one more under-the-bed storage container under our bed, so I got one to hold the clothes he's outgrown.

So far these solutions are working!

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