Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So some updates on some of the things I've been doing with my monthly goals:

Homemade Deodorant update: We've been using our homemade deodorant for several weeks now and we are still loving it! I had mentioned that when I went to use it the first time, it seemed drier than it had when I made it. Well, I was using the stuff that I had put in an old deodorant container, and I continued to do so for several days. After a while, though, I found that it was hard to rub in - it was really dry and crumbly. Then, I tried some that I had put in a jar, and it was still nice and soft like it had been when I first made it! So, another reason to put it in a jar as opposed to a deodorant container - I'm assuming that it dries out when exposed to air (the deodorant container is not airtight).

Shampoo Method: I've been wanting to switch to natural shampoo for a while, but they are so expensive that I haven't done it yet. I had been hearing about people cleaning their hair with baking soda and vinegar, and since those are both natural and inexpensive, I thought I'd give it a try! I started last week, and this has been my result so far: The first day I use it, my hair looks just fine, I'd say the same as it does when I wash with shampoo. The second day, however, my hair looks greasy and feels somewhat sticky. So far I haven't gone beyond doing it two days in a row! I know sometimes it can take a while for your hair to get used to something new, so I'll just have to keep doing it and see if anything changes. For now, I'm doing two days of baking soda/vinegar and one day of shampoo (unless I have to go out somewhere - then I will shampoo after just one day). However, even if I find that I can only do the baking soda/vinegar every other day, that basically would reduce my cost of shampoo in half, so suddenly buying a natural shampoo is a lot more cost effective!

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