Saturday, August 21, 2010

A freezer!

For the past four years we have been well served by an over-the-fridge freezer. I've found that I can fit quite a bit of stuff in one of those freezers! However, over the past six months or so I have been using it more than ever. Between making more of my own foods - big batches of English Muffins, jam, chicken broth, refried beans, etc. - and also being able to find things like milk and eggs at discounted prices, which I then freeze to use later, this little freezer is almost constantly stuffed.
As berry season came around, I realized that I would have very little room to freeze berries. Not having blueberries for the winter would be a big disappointment to us. Living in a small apartment, though, doesn't leave much room for having an additional freezer. Not too long ago, however, I happened to see a compact freezer at the store, not much bigger than my little washing machine. I didn't know they made freezers that small. That would be perfect for us!
We were able to get a small, 5 cubit foot freezer, which fits nicely behind our table and perfectly suits our needs! Already it has helped me save some money as I have been able to take advantage of some great deals that I otherwise would not have been able to.
Freezing is the easiest (and thus my favorite) way to preserve food. I am so thankful to have this extra freezer that will not only help me continue to save money by buying food at the best possible prices, but will allow me to continue to make big batches of food to save me time later!

A freezer is not only good for storing food, but it's fun for magnets, too, and we also discovered that you can color on it with crayons, as the crayon just wipes right off (although I'm not encouraging the latter use; we just happened to discover that!) =)

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