Saturday, August 21, 2010

Real Food!

Joanna isn't too sure about her banana! We've just started eating real food, and although she always wants to try our food, she isn't too fond of hers!
I'm taking a little different route with her food than I did with Benjamin. I waited a big longer - until she was six months - and I'm trying to stay away from store baby food, especially the baby cereals. I never liked how fake the cereal seemed, and with the help of a couple of cookbooks, I have the info I need to make her easily-digestible cereal myself (which will be cheaper, anyway).
Like Benjamin, though, I will be trying to have her feed herself as soon as possible. I'm feeding her from a spoon for now, until she gets used to eating real food and has better control over her fingers, but for some reason I've never really enjoyed this stage. I loved it when Benjamin could eat food himself (and he was happier and ate better as well). Benjamin was mostly self-feeding somewhere between 9 and 12 months, and I'm hoping for the same (if not earlier) with Joanna.

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