Sunday, January 9, 2011


I can't believe it's a brand new year! As I think ahead to this year, one word comes to mind - change. Lots of new things will be taking place in our family this year.
The first major change I'm excited about is my new daily schedule. I've made myself schedules before, but never stuck with them very well. But lately I've felt like I've been rushing through my days with no idea what I'm really doing, and always feeling like I'm five steps behind. I want to have goals for my days and a plan for how to accomplish those goals. I'm trying to make myself a realistic, flexible schedule with plenty of extra time built in for those inevitable interruptions that always occur when you have little kids! My goal is to stick to it, making changes as necessary. We'll see how it goes!
Another major change is that I'll soon be potty-training Benjamin, which is exciting, but also a little daunting for me! Not only is it a big step for him (and me), but it will also probably mean that we'll be staying home a lot more, since I am not really up to taking little kids into a public restroom!
A major family change is coming around the beginning of June, as we look forward to welcoming a new little family member around that time! Summer will be a busy time for us, as I get used to having three kids under the age of three! =)
Sometime this year, Lord willing, we will also be moving. We're just not sure yet if it will be just across town or even possibly out of state, if Seth gets accepted to one of the graduate programs he's applying to. That would be a huge change, especially since both Seth and I have spent our entire lives within about a 30-mile radius (or maybe less)!

This will be a busy year for us, but we're looking forward to the exciting changes coming our way!

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