Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Creations

I figured I could show my Christmas projects now! Or, at least the ones I actually remembered to take pictures of!

Pizza Kit (I'll share details on this soon!)

Potholders, towel, and dish cloth for the kids' play kitchen!
Bread Bag
Gathered Clutch (using this tutorial - I just have to say, I am not a clutch person, but this turned out so cute that it made me want one, too!)
Laptop Case (using this tutorial, with a few of my own alterations)
Slippers (the red ones are from a pattern in Sew Pretty Homestyle, and the blue ones are from this tutorial)
Fleece Blanket

There were more projects, as it is my goal that at least part of everyone's present is homemade, but that's it for the pictures!

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