Sunday, August 12, 2012

Curtains in my Windows

Curtains didn't go up in our new home right away - we've slowly been adding them, one room at a time, as I've decided what I wanted and had a little extra money to spend on them.  I've really enjoyed doing it this way; it has been a savored, thoughtful process.  I have a huge distaste for blinds, so in all of the rooms where we want a little privacy, I made the curtains able to be closed.  My curtains are all really simple; mostly just panels of fabric, but so far I love how they have turned out!  I still have a couple of rooms to go - but here's what we've done so far:

Our bedroom - the first room to get curtains (they were an amazing improvement over the black plastic garbage bag we had taped up in a pinch when we moved in, as, unlike the rest of the house, there were no blinds):

The kids' room was next....their room needs to be kept dark for sleeping, and unfortunately, the curtains are too thin to be used on their own, so I kept the blinds up until their new window was installed recently, and now I have a room-darkening shade to put up when the window is finished.

I was going to purchase fabric for the dining room valances, but then pulled out the curtain I'd saved from our first apartment.  Although it wasn't exactly what I'd wanted, the color was right and it was the exact size I needed (I just cut the curtain in half and finished the edges to make two), so it seemed wasteful NOT to use it.  I do really like them after all, although I may still someday do something a little different.

I just recently got the living room curtains up, after months of living with these super-ugly blinds:

It gave me such a thrill to finally take those down!  I debated over two fabrics I liked, and finally chose the more colorful (and MUCH cheaper) option, and I am so glad I did!  These curtains add so much cheer to this otherwise plain wall.

I have just two more rooms to do - the office and laundry room, and I'll probably eventually replace the lace curtain that covers the front door.

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