Friday, September 21, 2012

Preserving 2012

My goal this summer was to have enough food preserved that I needed to use my chest freezer.  I happily reached that goal, but I didn't realize just how much I had in there until I made a list.  Then I found it even more encouraging when I listed all my preserving for the year so far:

Peas: 9 quart bags, frozen
Blueberries: 4 (stuffed) quart bags, frozen
Zucchini: 1 quart bag chopped, frozen
                10 quart bags shredded, frozen
Tomatoes: 7 quart bags, frozen (more coming!)
Peppers: 3 quart bags, frozen
Blackberries: 11 (stuffed) quart bags, frozen (and counting!)
                      4 jars jam, frozen (we made more but we've eaten some already)
Peaches: 12 quart bags, frozen
               6 pint jars, canned
Strawberries: 1/2 of a gallon bag, frozen
                      5 jars jam, frozen (again, we made more but...)
                      3 jars strawberry/rhubarb jam, frozen (again....)
Plums: 1 quart bag, frozen
            4 jars jam, frozen
            2 jars jam, canned
            3 quart jars of dehydrated plums
Cucumbers: 13 quart jars pickles, canned

I know it's not as much as many people preserve, but it's more than I've ever done before.  Progress!  And now that I've had one garden season here, I know what I want to plant more of next year so I'll have more for freezing.  Wouldn't it be cool to hardly have to buy any produce during the winter?

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