Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Last Bit of Summertime

We celebrated the end of summer with a camping trip with Seth's family.  Our original location turned out to be no good due to wildfires, but we found a nice alternative.

It was so nice to spend a few days relaxing and doing nothing much at all.  Very restful and peaceful!

Check out Benjamin's new haircut!  After cutting it, we told him to go look in the mirror.
When he did, he said, "I want my hair back!"  

Seth and I snuck off for a little date - and we went out on the lake in an Aqua Cycle!  Very fun!  It was even better with some ice cream afterwards!

We got this barely-used bike trailer off Craigslist a month ago, and with the bike seat that we also got super cheap, we were able to have a family bike ride!  We're looking forward to doing more of that this fall!

It's always fun to break up routine and get away for a bit!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe summer will extend into fall for awhile!