Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Quilt for Joanna

Benjamin received his Mommy-made quilt for his third birthday, so I decided that would be our tradition.  When I finally got a chance to start Joanna's quilt earlier this month, I was a little worried.  After all, I had made Benjamin's over the course of several months, and now I needed to make Joanna's in less than six weeks.  So I was thrilled when I finished it up last week - with plenty of time to spare!  First I was amazed that it had gone together so quickly, then I started wondering why on earth Benjamin's had taken so long...and then I remembered that when I had been making his we had not only packed up and moved, but I also had had a fussy infant, meaning I didn't exactly get a chance to sit down and sew for a couple of hours at a time!

Anyway, I love how Joanna's quilt turned out!  In keeping with their room colors, I used lots of red and yellow, but then I added in some pink and purple to make it girly.  To keep it doable, I made a super simple design, and I don't worry about perfection on a project this big!

It complements Benjamin's quilt so nicely!  I can't wait to see the quilts in their room together.

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Tundra Mom said...

Hello! I found your blog while searching for "prefold to contoured diaper." Thank you for your writing. I am a Christian, a penny pincher, a cloth diaper mamma, and a make it myself type of person. We have a lot in common.
This is a link to my "contentment" blog. I have two but started this one to blog about house ideas, projects and budgeting.

I will be using your idea for contoured diapers. Thanks.