Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Art Cupboard

One of the features I love about our house is this darling corner cupboard in the dining room.  Someone had started re-doing it, but had never finished installing the shelves, which means that, as cute as it is, it isn't very usable.  

With it being so convenient to the table, my plan has been to add shelves and use the bottom half as our art cupboard, where we store our art supplies.  While we were waiting to finish it, I stashed a few things down in the bottom:

Seth had some extra time last week, so he helped me out by installing shelves, which I then painted and got set up with all our art things!

Yay!  A finished art cupboard!  It's so handy to have everything in one place and easily accessible!  I'm hoping this will inspire me to do more art projects with the kids!  =)

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