Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shirts for Benjamin

Benjamin's summer shorts from last year still fit, but he needed a few more short sleeved shirts.  After seeing this free pattern (in the right size, even!) I decided I could make them myself.  I made one out of an old shirt of Seth's, which worked great and was super quick and easy, since I didn't have to do any hems.

I also picked up a little knit fabric to make another that matched his favorite shorts.  I bought half a yard, which made for an inexpensive shirt ($2.50), except that I realized (after I made it, of course) that I cut it out the wrong way.  The fabric stretches vertically instead of horizontally like it's supposed to.  It does fit him, but it's a little snug getting it on.  I may have to buy a little more fabric next time to make sure I can cut it out the right way, but it will likely still be cheaper than buying a shirt from the store - plus I get the fun of making it!

I'm not sure what those spots were, since this was right after I finished making it, but they came out in the wash!  =)

I definitely recommend this pattern!  It was quick and easy and fit great!  The neck ribbing seemed a bit small to me, so I cut it a couple of inches longer, which still is a little snug around Ben's head, but other than that, the fit is perfect.  I'm hoping to get a couple more shirts made for him, but these are a great start!

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