Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This Year's Garden

I was absolutely thrilled with my garden and its production last year, but I also had a few plans for improvements this year...

First I expanded it about a foot - enough to give me a little extra planting room without cutting into the back yard too much.  Then I asked Seth to help me build a border - just something to look nice and make it seem more like an "official" garden.

I've planted a few things so far, which have started growing, and we'll be planting the rest of our garden in the next couple of weeks.

I wanted a low-maintenance (hopefully weed-free) walkway, so I took a suggestion from one of Seth's co-workers and laid down pieces of cardboard and then covered it with some garden soil we had purchased.  It will probably only last a year or two since the cardboard will break down, but it was low-cost, simple (fortunately, we had some large pieces of cardboard from an outdoor bench we had just purchased), and natural (no plastic!).

Seth also dug out the rest of the rhododendrons and azaleas that were in the backyard to make more room for our blueberry patch.  I added a third bush, and hope to add three more this year.  Our back yard looks so much more open with the big plants gone, and I love having a spot for plants that will provide food for us - especially such a favorite!  The middle one looks like it might be dying right now, so I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping it will bounce back!

Here's to another great gardening year!  =)

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