Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To the Children's Museum

We discovered that our local children's museum offers free admission every third Friday of the month.  A great deal, considering it would cost over $20 for us to go even on half price days.  Last Friday night was our first opportunity to go, and it was a hit!  It was definitely crowded (no surprise), and there was a bit of sensory overload for us first-timers, but we'll be back the next chance we get.

Joanna wanted to try everything, Benjamin would have been more than happy to have spent the entire evening at the (huge!) train table, and Ezra was somewhere in between the two.

Other than the train table, the highlights were the airplane (Ezra loved driving!), the veterinarian's office, and the stage (especially after they discovered they were on camera!)  We only scratched the surface, though; there were many stations that we had to skip entirely, including the rooftop playground, so we can't wait to get back to check out the rest - if we can drag Benjamin away from the trains!

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