Monday, May 27, 2013

Unschooling: Geography

I read about this idea in a magazine years ago, and I tucked it away for "someday".

I purchased a large world map, and placed it on our table, covered with a clear plastic tablecloth.  Now, when we're eating we enjoy looking at the map and talking about it.  A simple, low-key way to start learning about other countries and their locations.  At their ages, my goal for the kids is nothing more than exposure, but even Ezra knows where the water is and Benjamin can identify a couple of countries and where we live.  Geography has never been my strong point, and I love that I'm learning a lot, too!  Someday, a U.S. map used in the same way will be a great way to learn to identify states and their capitals.

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Nazri Nasir said...

hi!greeting from malaysia..south asean country located above singapore..can u find it?