Friday, July 5, 2013

July Garden

We have (mostly) enjoyed lots of hot sunshine this week and while I might not like all aspects of that, I love what it's doing in my garden!  Everyday the plants are visibly bigger, and we have started to reap some of the rewards!

Last Week

This Morning 

We will never be able to grow all of our own produce or anything like that, but I did get to skip buying veggies at the store this week, in favor of the abundance of lettuce, spinach and peas we do have available right now.   I'm grateful for this bit of food we are able to grow, and I love the feeling of accomplishment and self-sufficiency it gives me!

I am ever so thankful for this little plot of earth that we get to call ours.  It is so fun to get to change things and make our yard and home reflect our family and our values.  I have so many plans and things that I want to do, and frankly, progress seems painfully slow sometimes.  But little by little we are accomplishing things, and that feels so good!

We finally got three more blueberry plants in the ground, so my blueberry patch is finished.  It definitely adds a lot to our little "urban homestead"!  I picked our first few berries this morning, and the kids were thrilled with this little bonus at breakfast!

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Jana said...

That looks wonderful, Annaleah! Those blueberries make my mouth water!