Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Christmas Present

Seth surprised me with an awesome handmade Christmas present this year: a new sewing table!
I had long known that my sewing set up wasn't working very well for me - I was using a cute but small table, and it just didn't have the room I needed to spread out when I was working on a project.  Also, I really needed a new ironing board.  Mine was an old used one I had picked up a couple of years ago, and it was broken and would often fall down.

But Seth thoughtfully took care of both of those needs for me, with other perks, too!  =)

My sewing station before:

A couple of months ago I had switched up the plastic bins, so that instead of them being stacked, I had them side by side, which did provide me with a bit of extra surface area to place things, which is one way I knew a bigger table would be a huge help!

And now I have this:

It's a big table, so I have plenty of room to work.  There's lots of storage space on the shelves, and it's even the perfect size to hold my cutting mat, so I can do some of my cutting here as well, instead of at the kitchen table!  But one of my favorite things is this:

Seth added an ironing board that tucks away into the table when I'm not using it!  It's awesome!  I love that it's completely out of the way and out of sight when I don't need it, but when I do, it's kind of like an extension of the table!  I can even sit down and iron (which I know sounds really lazy, but that has been nice lately!).

He really put a lot of thought and effort into this and I'm so thankful!  I absolutely love it and it has definitely been making my sewing time easier and more fun!


PUPPPsMom said...

What ingenuity! Nice job, Seth!! I love it. The ironing board it just so handy! Great tiny living solution! :)

Annaleah said...

I know! I love that there's no ironing board sitting out!