Sunday, February 8, 2015


...Simon Henry!  
Our fourth boy joined our family Friday at noon.  I had a bit of a complication that ended in a trip to the hospital, but we are all home now and doing well.  Everyone is absolutely smitten with him!  We are so thankful for our newest little man!


PUPPPsMom said...

Hooray!! What an adorable little man! Sorry to hear you had troubles. I know a little about how that can be. So glad everything is ok now. My other friend had a baby on Friday too! A good day to be born. :)

Anonymous said...

I think he definitely looks like Ez in this picture!

Love you!

Annaleah said...

Yes, Friday was a good day! =)

I think he looks like Ez, too! I went back and looked at the picture I put on the blog when he was born, and they look really similar!