Friday, March 6, 2015

Joanna's 5th Birthday

Joanna turned 5 a couple of weeks ago.  She had been looking forward to her birthday for months - ever since Benjamin had his in November.  Anything Benjamin gets to do she wants to do, too!

Daddy brought her flowers, she received her requested "Princess Ballerina Suit", and we took a trip to the Children's Museum.  Then we came home and enjoyed a movie dinner, eating Orange Chicken (Benjamin had it for his birthday dinner, so of course she had to, too!) and watching Beauty and the Beast.  

It is so fun to watch her grow and mature.  She is such a girly-girl, who loves everything pink and pretty and princess-y.  She loves to pretend to be a ballerina and spends much of her time drawing pictures.  She very competitive and tries hard to keep up with everything Benjamin does.  Because of that, I'm finally starting reading lessons with her (she's been asking for a while).  

 Since my birthday is the day after Joanna's, we had a shared family party and enjoyed celebrating!  

We love our girl!
Happy 5th Birthday, Joanna Mae! 

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