Saturday, March 7, 2015

One Month with Simon

Simon is a month old!  We have so enjoyed this past month getting to know this sweet little person.  He is a very pleasant baby and has started smiling at us!  He doesn't always nap the best, but he's doing great with his night sleeping, so I can't complain!

Everyone loves him and always wants to kiss and hold him!  We were a little worried about how Toby would react to him, but he has been great!  He gives Simon big kisses whenever he is near him and gets jealous when one of the other kids holds him because he wants a turn!  I have to keep a close eye on him though, because Toby is constantly going into the bedroom when Simon is sleeping and giving him kisses and waking him up!

The month has gone by fast, but it's been very nice and relaxing.  Thanks to family, people from church, and my freezer stash, I have hardly had to cook, and it's been a nice break!  I've had time to rest, read, and just hold my sweet baby!

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PUPPPsMom said...

What a precious little fellow!!