Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My grandma recently gave my parents a bunch of apples, and my mom passed some of them along to me. I finally was able to find some time to do something with them. I used a few of them to make a yummy apple crisp, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with the rest of them. I had to use them soon or they would start going bad. I thought about making and freezing applesauce, but unfortunately, that's not my husband's favorite thing. Then I remembered my mom saying something about freezing apple slices, and I decided to try it, since then I'd be able to use them at a later date, whether I wanted an apple pie, or make a little applesauce for me. I found a few sites online that explained what to do. I used the "dry pack" method, which simply involves peeling and slicing apples, then placing them on a cookie sheet, and putting that in the freezer. When the apples are frozen, they get placed in a freezer bag, labeled, and put back in the freezer. This will be great if I ever need a dessert in a hurry - with the work of peeling and slicing apples already done, I can make an apple crisp really quickly!

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