Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spice Cupboard Update

Spice Cupboard Before:

Spice Cupboard After:

I recently decided to update my spice cupboard - to make it look cuter. I bought some cute glass jars with clamp lids, but discovered that they were only big enough to hold a few of my spices. So for the rest of my jars, I got larger ones with a plug-type lid. I still need to get a few more jars, but I think it looks so much better! I used a piece of tape and a Sharpie to label the jars, but I might look for something else for a more permanent label. I think these jars would look really cute on a little shelf in the kitchen - I may have to do that someday. But for now at least my cupboard looks cuter! =)


elena said...

just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog(and your mom's too) from half way across the world. it's really sweet and refreshing. hope you'll be posting more often.

best regards from romania.

Annaleah said...

Thanks for reading! I hope I'll be posting more often, too! I haven't been able to use the internet lately as often as I would like, but hopefully I'll be able to get on more regularly from now on! =)