Sunday, March 6, 2011

No-Sew Play/Dancing Scarves

I love giving the kids open-ended materials that allow them to be creative and use in a variety of ways. One such item is play cloths or dancing scarves. These are usually pieces of lightweight, floaty fabric that are fun to dance with, can be used to make costumes, or in endless other ways. Buying these, however, isn't always cheap, up to $13 each for really nice ones, which wasn't really in my budget. They can be found cheaper, but I came up with a very simple, very inexpensive alternative.

I purchased a very fine nylon net, for less than a dollar a yard on sale. The finer the net, the more soft and floaty it will be. I purchased a yard of each color that I needed, and cut a 36" square from each (the size of some commercial ones I saw). You really can make them any size you want, but making them larger like this allows for more options in play. Nylon net doesn't unravel, so there's no need to hem or finish the edges. Just cut it the size you want, and you're good to go! These might not be quite as vibrant or soft as the $13 ones, but they're still plenty of fun to play with - and the price was much easier on my pocketbook!

Not only did this make inexpensive play clothes, there was just enough leftover net to make two (colorful) kitchen scrubbers!

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