Friday, March 11, 2011

Pillowcase to PJs

As much as I love cozy one-piece pajamas on little kids, they're not really the most convenient for potty-training two-year-olds. However, I didn't have much luck trying to find a second pair of pajama pants for Benjamin. My solution, as it often is, was to make them myself, especially since pants are super easy. Made even easier by a discovery I made when trying to think of some ways to use a worn-out flannel sheet set I no longer needed. A pillowcase is the perfect size for size 3 toddler pajama pants. I used the pillowcase hem for the hem of the pants, which meant less sewing. There's no need for a pattern - just use a pair of pants that fits well for your template.

Fold pants in half. Fold pillowcase in half. Lay pants on pillowcase, with outside of the pant legs lined up with the pillowcase fold. Line the bottom of the pants up with the hem of the pillowcase.

Cut out, adding about 1/2 inch seam allowance, and about 2 inches at the top for a casing. Make sure to stretch out the waistband and cut around the stretched out size, so you make sure the waist is big enough.

Put the two pieces right sides together and sew the front and back seams (the curved part). Serge/finish edges as desired.

Open it up and put the pant legs together, right sides together, lining up the front and back seams and sew in one long seam. Finish edges as desired.

Press down about 1/2 inch on top edge, then again about 1 1/4 inches. Sew casing close to the inside folded edge, leaving a 2-inch opening. Insert 1" wide elastic, as needed for comfortable fit, sew elastic edges together and sew opening closed.

Be cozy!

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