Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Fun Part 3

We were excited to get a little bit of snow a few days ago!  Benjamin must equate snow with Christmas, as he kept saying, "It's Christmas Eve!"  Joanna kept going from one window to the other to look at it.

We enjoyed playing in it for a little bit - it turned to rain, though, and didn't last long.

We joined Seth's parents for a trip downtown - the kids loved what they called "the train"!

We made one of our favorite Christmas cookies - sleds!  See the ones with dark frosting?  Those are especially for Ezra, our dairy-free guy.  (To make simple diary-free frosting, just mix powdered sugar with almond (or other) milk - you don't need much; just a little milk will make a nice thick frosting.)

We enjoyed some of our cookies with tea for a little Christmas tea party!

And, finally, nothing says "Christmas Magic" to me like the Christmas tree, all lit up in a dark house.  Perhaps it's because when I was little and we spent Christmas at my grandparents house, they would leave the tree on all night and it was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the early dark morning.  After the kids went to bed one night this week, I turned all the lights off, and Seth and I sat by the tree with a glass of egg nog.  A perfect end to the day!

As we enjoy a simple day at home today, before a fun and busy Christmas, we're hoping Seth gets over the flu or whatever he has, and that none of the rest of us gets it!  

Merry Christmas!

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