Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A One-Month Comparison

People are always curious if a new baby looks like the siblings.  I'm not very good at seeing those things, so I thought I'd put together a picture of each of the kids when they were around a month old.  I thought it might be fun to compare them side by side!


Joanna - of course the pink makes her look a little different!  =)



I never knew just how much Benjamin and Joanna looked alike!  Ezra and Tobias look different, especially Ezra.  I had forgotten that he was blonde as a baby!  The others were all born dark.  Ezra still looks so much like his baby picture, and I can still see a bit of Ben, but Joanna looks completely different.  It's fun to see them all together like this and look at the similarities and differences!

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Jana said...

That was really fun! I love this idea. We are always speculating about such things. Your kiddos all really seem to have their own look! And such cuties!