Monday, November 3, 2008

Books, New and Old

Our local library had a book sale on Saturday, so I went to check it out.  This one was a bit different from most library sales, since it seemed like the books were all new.  Usually the library sales that I go to are all used books.  I ended up getting a couple of kids books - brand new books for $1 and $2!  The two dollar one was a hard cover, which I love getting when I can.  They're both really cute books, and it'll be fun to add them to my collection!

I recently started re-reading this book:

My sister gave it to me for a gift a year or two ago, and it's a fun one to have!  It was published in the 60's, and it not only contains great tips, but it is written in a fun, easy-to-read way.  While much of the information is timeless, it does have an old-fashioned, uncomplicated feel.  Hopefully it will help me find ways to keep things basic and simple!

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