Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Sewing!!

I've been steadily working through my list of things to get done before the baby comes, including a few sewing projects that I've been wanting to do!

Such as:
Reusable produce bags for my Mom's birthday.

A new baby sling. I decided I want to use one with the new baby, so I wanted to make a cuter one! I used home decorator fabric, as was suggested in the pattern, but lined it with a basic cotton to make it a little softer inside.

A camera case. I would typically use cuter fabric, but I wanted it to be something Seth would be okay with carrying around! I did add one of my favorite buttons for a little color - although Seth said that made it look a little girly. Oh well! =) The button hole on top is for the camera's cord to come through.

Cute baby shoes - just in case it's a girl!

A new purse - I've figured out that it's a lot more convenient for me to have a purse with a longer strap, so it's not always falling off my shoulder when I bend down to pick up Benjamin!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annaleah ~

I enjoy all of the things that you share that you do to make your little home special for your family.

Simple blessings!
Your mom's friend ~ Teri

Jennifer said...

I would buy that purse - totally awesome.