Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year Organizing

This time of the year always makes me want to get organized...even more this year with the new baby coming soon! =)

I needed to clear out a couple of drawers in our dresser for Benjamin's clothes, so I made this hanging organizer for the closet. I was extremely pleased with how it turned out!

Finally, some fabric organization!

Whenever I sew something, I almost always have some fabric leftover. Over the years, that has turned into quite a lot of fabric remnants! Although I have kept it in storage drawers for several years now, I have struggled to keep the drawers in some semblance of order. I have spent quite a bit of time periodically taking the fabric out, refolding it and putting it in the drawers neatly. But inevitably, the order doesn't last long as sooner or later I have to dig through the layers of fabric looking for that piece I need!

I think I may have finally found a system that might work for me!
After seeing how my mother-in-law had her fabric organized the other day, I decided to copy her idea! She keeps hers in shoe boxes, but instead of piling the fabric, she stores it vertically, like file cards. I reorganized all my fabric last night to be like this - and what a difference! Not only did the fabric fit better (who knew?), but now, instead of digging through piles of fabric looking for something, I can see all my fabric at a glance. And it's much easier to take out a piece without messing everything up. The drawers look great, and it think this will work great, although time will be the real test! =)

I've been working on getting the rest of the house organized as well, and I'm making progress, although I still have work to do!

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