Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Crocheting...

As much as I love handmade items, somehow I've never really liked handmade dish clothes (even though I wanted to). I have always felt they were too bulky to use very effectively. My inexpensive store-bought ones worked much better for me. After nearly five years of use, though, they were starting to get quite worn out and several of them have found their way to my rag pile. I needed some new ones, but hated to have to go buy more. I had some cotton yarn on hand, so I decided to give crocheted dish clothes another chance. I decided to make them smaller than usual, hoping that would cut down on the bulkiness.

They turned out about 6" square, made with a double crochet so they were a looser weave and not too thick.

When I tested the first one...I was pleasantly surprised - I really like it! The smaller size was perfect! Since it was quick to make (perfect for doing while watching a movie), I made a few more, and my dish cloth stash is back to normal size!

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