Friday, April 1, 2011

New Carrier!

Although I love the idea having a baby in a carrier, I didn't do it much with either Benjamin or Joanna. I have an older Snugli carrier that hurts my back and neck after about 15 minutes of use, so although I used it some, I often avoided it. I made a sling, which was somewhat useful for a very new baby, or an older baby that could sit up, but it too wasn't comfortable for long, so that didn't see a whole lot of use, either. I typically have just used a stroller with Benjamin and Joanna, which has been fine since we have a double. But I can see myself needing a carrier a lot more with this new baby, as I'm sure much of the time it will still be helpful to have Benjamin in the stroller. But for that to work I needed something that was better at distributing some of the weight off my neck and shoulders.

Everyone raves about Ergo carriers, but the high price tag was prohibitive. When Tammy of Tammy's Recipes mentioned that she liked her handmade Mei Tai carrier just as well as her Ergo, I was instantly intrigued! I did a little research, found a variety of patterns, and tried my hand at it! I ended up using this pattern, which was more involved than some, but I liked the very finished, professional look it had.

For the most part I liked how it turned out. I did think the straps turned out too wide - almost a little overwhelming on me. But I like that it can be used a variety of ways, including on your back, which is how I tested it with Joanna. I haven't really had an opportunity to use it for very long, but I left Joanna in it for a little while, and was pleased with how comfortable it seemed. I do think it will work better than either of the carriers I have now and am looking forward to trying it out more. If I do really like it, I may try making another one, with thinner straps and perhaps with no hood.

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